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Contract law, or commercial contracts, take many forms and if you are interested in agreements that deal specifically with agency, distribution or computer software or hardware, please click one of these links above to go to our specialist web pages.

Other forms of commercial contract include supply agreements, consultancy agreements or contracts for the provision for any kind of service. The final type of contract can range from a one page document to a substantial multi-page agreement, depending on the circumstances.

Why do I need a written contract?

Under English law you can make a contract without it ever being in writing or by the exchange of emails or letters. Whilst this method of forming agreements can serve people well, it does leave you and the other party involved lacking some crucial details and removes the opportunity to protect your position.

For example, you will probably not have outlined the following important issues in an informal agreement:

  • To what extent do you want to limit your liability under the contract?
  • When and how are payments to be made?
  • In what circumstances will you be able to get out of the contract?
  • How will you ensure that your confidential information and intellectual property rights are properly protected?

In reality, a casually made contract will probably not cover those things.

Like most legal documents, contracts are most important where something goes wrong. Our contract lawyers and dispute resolution team will always tell you that it is more time-consuming and expensive to pursue a dispute in relation to an unwritten contract than a formal written agreement, which is reason enough to think about having one in place.

How can Flints Bishop’s contract lawyers help me?

Our contract lawyers are happy to either draft or advise you on a wide range of commercial contracts and you should refer to our pricing page for further information on what the likely cost of this will be.

Our contract solicitors can conduct the entire process from taking the initial instructions to negotiating and concluding a contract for you or can advise on individual sections or clauses of contracts in isolation.

If you require any advice about contracts or have a document that needs to be drafted or reviewed, please either click here to contact our team of contract lawyers or call David Miller on 01332 226 466 or 07813 203 658.

If you are thinking of entering into a contract then it may be useful to read our free commercial Heads of Terms document by click here. This has been drawn up by our specialist contract lawyers and will help you to record the deal in detail and to prepare a formal agreement when you are ready.


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