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Using our experience of working with a wide range of businesses (both as external advisors and part of in-house teams) we have drawn together services designed to help you get a grasp on your legal compliance, mitigate risk within your business and upskill your key teams at a cost that works for you.

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Commercial Risk Auditing

We have devised a unique commercial risk audit product which helps us to get to know your business and to finalise legal risk within it. The audit involves a review of your standard documents, your website and a face to face meeting to help us understand how you are set up and gives you a picture of where there may be areas of legal risk within your business and how you can tackle them.

Contract drafting

As a business, you need to ensure that you have control over your contractual relationships and the management of risk in them. We can help you achieve this whenever you require a new set of terms and conditions for a new product or service, a contract for the engagement of a consultant, distributor or agent or a bespoke contract for a particular collaboration or commercial partnership.

Contract review

Sometimes you have no choice but to deal with a contract prepared by somebody else whether it’s their standard terms and conditions or an agreement that has been tailored to your relationship with them. We can provide an initial ‘high level’ review of a contract identifying major risks or issues in a simple and easy to digest format. This is an ideal solution where you have little-negotiating room but need to understand the contract that you are signing up to.

If you need more than that, we can provide full revisions of contracts as well as advice on necessary additions and amendment and, if necessary, conduct negotiation of the contract on your behalf.

All our contract advice and negotiation is done on the understanding that, ultimately, you need to do a deal and get on with your business rather than being held up arguing over unimportant details.


We can assist with your compliance with the ever more complex data protection regime from auditing your business for current compliance, reviewing and revising policies and procedures that you have, together with advising you on issues such as security and information leaks and subject access requests.


Working together with you should, we believe, also involve always adding value as well as reducing risk and we regularly provide training with a view to ensuring that our knowledge and experience is shared within your organisation. With this in mind, we work with your sales, procurement and/or operational teams to make sure that they fully understand the legal environment in which they operate and are able to intelligently handle contract queries and comply with your processes.

How does this all work?

Each of these services can be purchased separately or as part of a package.

If you’re looking for a service as close to replicating an in-house legal team, please contact David Miller.

David Miller

David Miller

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